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Protecting your interests through every step of the process


Every divorce is different, and with over 37 years of exclusive experience in family law, our office is able to navigate through its most intricate aspects. We are dedicated to establishing personal relationships with our clients so that no matter the case, you have our full guidance and support.

Raesz Law is fully equipped to handle any aspect of divorce to help you come to a lasting solution at the end of your case, including marital property division, child custody and possession, and child support.

Property Division

A “just and right” division of martial property is one of the most important matters to be resolved during the course of a divorce. The financial implications of splitting from one household to two have significant and long-lasting effects on parties and their families.

In Texas, divorce is largely dictated by two characterizations of property. Marital property, otherwise known as community property, is property acquired from the date of the marriage and during the marriage. Separate property is any property acquired before the date of the marriage, property acquired by way of inheritance or gift, or certain monetary recoveries for personal injuries. It is critical to have someone in your corner that can protect your separate property interests and calculate a fair division.

Alimony and Spousal Maintenance

The court may order an ex-spouse to pay spousal maintenance. Like child support, spousal maintenance falls under certain Texas guidelines. Whether you believe you may qualify to receive spousal maintenance or are concerned about the possibility of giving it, our attorneys can assess your particular situation and fight for fairness on your behalf.

Conservatorship and Custody

The conservatorship of your child is separated into several rights, powers, and duties under the Texas Family Code. Determining who is awarded the decision-making in your child’s life is a significant aspect of divorce.

Possession and Access

No two families are alike when it comes to the schedule for each parent to have possession of their child. Possession can be determined by a wide number of factors, from one’s past participation as a parent to their current job schedule.

Having an attorney with extensive experience will help you determine and, if needed, fight for the schedule that works for your life and is in the best interest of your child.

Child Support

Child Support in Texas is dictated by a set of guideline amounts based on income. However, there are many guideline exceptions and cases in which the Court has ruled for a party to pay more or less than guideline support.

Whether you will be the parent paying or the parent receiving support from their ex-partner, the attorneys at Raesz Law will be able to address the exceptions in your case and ensure that a fair calculation is assessed.

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